Windows VPS Hosting

Designed for optimum Windows Server performance. High IOPS for any application, database and CPU intensive servers.


CPU Memory Storage Bandwidth Price/month
2 CPU vCores 3 GB 100 GB SSD 500 GB/Month Rs1,090 Rs1,090 Buy Now Buy Now
4 CPU vCores 6 GB 200 GB SSD 700 GB/Month Rs1,639 Rs1,639 Buy Now Buy Now
6 CPU vCores 8 GB 400 GB SSD Unmetered Rs2,189 Rs2,189 Buy Now Buy Now
8 CPU vCores 12 GB 500 GB SSD Unmetered Rs3,000 Rs3,000 Buy Now Buy Now
8 CPU vCores 16 GB 500 GB SSD Unmetered Rs3,549 Rs3,549 Buy Now Buy Now
16 CPU vCores 32 GB 500 GB SSD Unmetered Rs4,919 Rs4,919 Buy Now Buy Now
16 CPU vCores 64 GB 1000 GB SSD Unmetered Rs8,189 Rs8,189 Buy Now Buy Now
16 CPU vCores 128 GB 1000 GB SSD Unmetered Rs13,649 Rs13,649 Buy Now Buy Now
16 CPU vCores 256 GB 2000 GB SSD Unmetered Rs19,109 Rs19,109 Buy Now Buy Now

(All pricing includes VAT)

Feature Packed - Always Included

  • Windows License Included
  • Full Administrator Access
  • Static IP Address
  • Windows Server 2016/2019
  • Free Weekly Backups
  • DNS/PTR Record Control
  • Remote Desktop Enabled
  • Provisioned in Minutes
  • Free Internal Networking
  • Optional RDP CALs
  • Easy to use CloudPanel
  • Free DNS Hosting

Get up to 10% discount when ordering for 1 year or more

Optional Add-Ons

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Web Edition (2 Core Pack): Rs540/mo*

SQL Standard Edition (2 Core Pack): Rs8,610/mo*

* Minimum of 4 cores to be licensed.

Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services

TSplus Enterprise: Rs200/mo/user

Securely access Windows apps/desktops, including remote printing, from any device with an internet connection.



Rs3,499.00 One Time

RDPGuard is a host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS) that protects your Windows Server from brute-force attacks on various protocols and services.

Optional Backups

Optional Advanced Backups

Enhance the protection of your Windows VPS with our advanced Cloud Backup plans.

SSD Storage icon

SSD Storage

Super-fast SSD storage arrays across all our web hosting and virtual servers plans.

Intel Technology icon

Intel Technology

The latest Intel Xeon processors power your virtual server.

Internal Networking icon

Internal Networking

Easily setup interal networking between multiple virtual servers – for free.

Local IPv4 and IPv6 icon

Proudly Mauritian

Support Local - is a Mauritius based company.

24/7 Suppport icon

24/7 Suppport

Reach us at any time via phone, live chat or tickets – 24/7.

No Contracts icon

No Contracts

Billed monthly or annually with discounts and no hidden fees. Cancel or Upgrade at any time!

Instant Setup icon

Instant Setup

Apply now and your service will be up and running in just a few seconds – from servers to web hosting.

Always in Control icon

Always in Control

Our feature rich client dashboard gives you full access to manage your entire account with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about Windows Virtual Servers:

Our Windows VPS plans are designed to provide reliable and high-performance hosting for businesses and individuals who require a dedicated environment for their applications. Our VPS plans are hosted in a state-of-the-art datacenter located in Mauritius, which allows us to offer fast and efficient access to resources for our customers in the region. We own and operate the entire infrastructure, ensuring that we have complete control over the hosting environment and can provide the highest levels of uptime and security. With our Windows VPS plans, you can expect top-notch performance and support for your Windows-based applications.

First off, a Virtual Server, also commonly abbreviated as VPS for Virtual Private Server is a server sharing the resources of a very powerful physical server that is shared between multiple virtual machines.

Each virtual server runs entirely independently from each other. As we use KVM to power our virtual hosting platform, each server receives it’s own CPU power (vCore – the amount of cores allocated), memory (RAM) and SSD powered storage.

Our Windows Virtual Servers (VPS), optimized for use within Mauritius, are built using Windows Server Standard 2016 or 2019.

We provide free weekly snapshot backups as part of protecting our infrastructure.

Optional Cloud Backup options are available giving you full control of the frequency of backups and easy data restoration.

All our Windows Virtual Servers (VPS) receive their own dedicated (and static) IPv4 IP address.

Each VPS also receives a static IPv6 address – allowing you to communicate with devices on both IPv4 and IPv6.

Additional IP addresses can be purchased as an add-on. We reserve the right to ask for justification of additional IPv4 addresses due to the global shortage of IPv4 space.

We do not limit the amount of traffic to and from your Windows VPS. You could use 1GB or 10TB – but if we suspect abuse, we may be in touch or limit your port speed. Play fair! All servers are limited to 100Mbps port speed.

Yes, we include the Microsoft Windows Server Standard license with all our Windows Virtual Servers. – no hidden costs.

All our Windows Virtual Servers can be upgraded at any time.

Due to physical limitations, it is not possible to downgrade your server. This gives you the flexibility to start small and upgrade as required.

The moment you place your order and settle any outstanding invoices, your VPS is activated.

You will receive an email confirmation with your server login details which can be used to access your Windows VPS via Remote Desktop.

We accept all major Credit Cards and direct Bank Transfer into either our Rs (MUR) or USD business bank accounts.

When paying via Credit Card, your service is instantly activated.

If using Bank Transfer, please forward your transaction as proof via live chat or to our billing department.

Upon completing your order, your VPS will be built right away.

An email confirmation will be sent to you with your login details and static IP address.

Once ready, usually within just a few minutes, you will have access via Windows Remote Desktop Connection.

All our Windows Virtual Servers are provided with full Administrator access via Remote Desktop Connection.

This gives you full control of your server.

Microsoft licensing require that all users accessing the server are licensed.

We provide Remote Desktop Service licenses at an additional cost. Contact our support for more information.

Our feature rich Dashboard provides you with complete control of your Windows Virtual Server.

At any time you can reinstall your server or, view the console.

The Console view (VNC) gives you direct access to your server as if you had a keyboard/mouse/monitor connected to it. This is very helpful in the time of trouble or cannot connect via Remote Desktop.

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