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We offer the most affordable domain registration pricing you'll find - registrations or transfers, we've got you covered.

Extension Registration Transfer Renewal Period
.mu Rs2,709 Rs5,700 Rs2,709 1 year Rs2,709 Rs5,700 Rs2,709 1 year
.com Rs435 Rs435 Rs435 1 year
.net Rs549 Rs549 Rs549 1 year
.io Rs2,059 Rs2,059 Rs2,059 1 year
.africa Rs732 Rs732 Rs732 1 year
.me Rs743 Rs743 Rs743 1 year
.biz Rs720 Rs720 Rs720 1 year
.org Rs595 Rs595 Rs595 1 year
.site Rs1,069 Rs1,069 Rs1,069 1 year
.online Rs1,303 Rs1,303 Rs1,303 1 year

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Feature Packed - Always Included

  • Easy Domain Management
  • Free Domain Parking
  • Free DNS Management
  • Your Contact Details
  • Manage Domain Transfers
  • Optional Domain Privacy

Free Domain Management

Maximum reliability for your domain name hosting

DNS redundancy is key to uptime which is why our Domain Cloud includes multiple Domain Name Servers located in various locations around the world. Easily modify any domain zone records via our easy to use management panel.

We also include Domain and Email Forwarding allowing you to create a redirect to an existing domain name or, redirect emails to existing mailboxes all from within your dashboard.

Hosting your domain elsewhere such as Google, Microsoft 365 or elsewhere? No problem - we'll assist with creating the required DNS records to link your domain to their platform.

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Instant Domain Registration with free DNS hosting.

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Manage Domain contact details.

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Easily Renew Domains.

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Early Domain Renewal Reminders.

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Manage Nameservers and GLUE records.

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