cPanel Virtual Servers

Need a custom hosting solution? Take full control of your web hosting platform with a cPanel VPS. 

We provide a fully functional and tweaked cPanel/WHM VPS with full root access. Maintain your own brand with customised nameservers for all your domain registrations.

Power Up your server with additional plug-ins such as Softaculous, LiteSpeed, cPGuard and more.

cPanel Virtual Servers

Powerful cPanel servers ready to host any size web site right away. Tweaked and prepared by us with full root access to WHM.

All pricing includes VAT.

Package CPU Memory Storage Bandwidth Pricing (monthly)
CP1 2 CPU vCores 3 GB 100 GB SSD Unmetered Rs 1,469 Order Now
CP2 4 CPU vCores 6 GB 200 GB SSD Unmetered Rs 2,000 Order Now
CP3 6 CPU vCores 8 GB 400 GB SSD Unmetered Rs 2,539 Order Now
CP4 8 CPU vCores 16 GB 500 GB SSD Unmetered Rs 3,879 Order Now
CP5 16 CPU vCores 32 GB 500 GB SSD Unmetered Rs 5,285 Order Now
CP6 Premium* 16 CPU vCores 32 GB 500 GB SSD Unmetered Rs 6,640 Order Now
CP7 Premium* 24 CPU vCores 64 GB 1000 GB SSD Unmetered Rs 13,345 Order Now
CP8 Premium* 24 CPU vCores 128 GB 1000 GB SSD Unmetered Rs 19,645 Order Now


Rs 1,469/mo


Rs 2,000/mo


Rs 2,539/mo


Rs 3,879/mo


Rs 3,219/mo


Rs 7,899/mo


Rs 13,345/mo


Rs 19,645/mo

Always included

*Premium packages include:

*Premium packages include:

Optional cPanel add-ons

Easily deploy all your favorite cPanel Addons to your cloud server


Providing complete protection against attacks, Imunify360 delivers a self-learning firewall that detects and displays security threats.

CloudLinux OS

The only commercially-supported Linux operating system optimized for your needs, ensuring spikes in resource usage won’t take down an entire server.


Always on, always secure. KernelCare automatically installs all the necessary security updates to run kernels – no need to reboot your cPanel Linux servers.


When you pair LiteSpeed with cPanel you get LiteSpeed’s high-performance HTTP server and integrated LiteSpeed and cPanel support.


Easily install over 400 different apps with just one click. Choose from a wide range of apps and scripts and enjoy automatic updates and installation.


Create smart customizable backup jobs with account filters, multi-scheduling, GDPR mode, RESTful API and more with the cPanel JetBackup add-on.

Powerful control panel

The cPanel interface allows your customers to do a multitude of things to manage their sites, intranets, and domains.

Create, publish and adminstrate websites.

Manage calendars and write emails

Manage domains, subdomains and DNS.

Launch databases using MySQL & phpMyAdmin

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some commonly asked questions about our cPanel VPS

Our infrastructure is local. Experience super-fast hosting with low latency.

No. We believe our service is so great that you will love it from the start. All our services are monthly with a cancellation due any time before the following billing period. We also offer discounts on annual payments. We believe in building a long term relationship with you.

We deploy a cPanel Virtual Server (VPS) with the very well known cPanel control panel – fully configured and tweaked just for you.

We provide you with full root access to your server and also full access to WHM.

This allows you to easily control and configure your server for the best possible hosting service for your customers.

Our listed pricing includes access to 5 cPanel account licences. 

You can easily upgrade at any time as you grow and need to add more accounts.

We do not limit the amount of traffic to and from your cPanel VPS. You could use 1GB or 10TB – but if we suspect abuse, we may be in touch or limit your port speed. Play fair!

Any domain name that is registered requires at least two nameservers.

Your cPanel VPS will be configured with custom nameservers such as:

This means that any domain WHOIS made will represent your brand and not ours. 

Yes! We provide the flexibility in providing an upgrade path as you grow.
Upgrading your cPanel server will not result in any data loss – only a reboot is required.
cPanel licences can also be upgraded at any time on their own until such time that your VPS requires more resources.
It’s important to note that you cannot downgrade a VPS, only upgrade. 

The moment you place your order and settle any outstanding invoices, your service is activated.

Since we handle the entire installation and configuration of your cPanel VPS, we will reach out requesting more information.

We generally have this process completed in a few hours from placing your order.

We accept all major Credit Cards or you can make use of Bank Transfer.

Please be sure to send us proof of your transaction if making use of Bank Transfer – this will speed up the activation process.

We are happy to assist with migration of all your current web hosting accounts over to one of our cPanel VPS.

However, we only provide this service if your current hosting package is based on cPanel.

If you are not using cPanel, we can still assist in the migration – speak to us 🙂 

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