Losing data means losing time and money - and lots of both. Cover your bases by securely backing up your data off-site on our purpose-built cloud backup infrastructure. With your management panel you remain in full control of your devices' data at all times.

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Cloud Storage Number of Devices Storage Location Bandwidth Price/month/year
20GB Unlimited Mauritius Unlimited Rs259 Rs2,797 Buy Now Buy Now
50GB Unlimited Mauritius Unlimited Rs479 Rs5,173 Buy Now Buy Now
100GB Unlimited Mauritius Unlimited Rs799 Rs8,629 Buy Now Buy Now
200GB Unlimited Mauritius Unlimited Rs1,469 Rs15,865 Buy Now Buy Now
500GB Unlimited Mauritius Unlimited Rs3,209 Rs34,657 Buy Now Buy Now
1TB Unlimited Mauritius Unlimited Rs5,349 Rs57,769 Buy Now Buy Now
5TB Unlimited Mauritius Unlimited Rs18,729 Rs202,273 Buy Now Buy Now
10TB Unlimited Mauritius Unlimited Rs37,499 Rs404,989 Buy Now Buy Now
20TB Unlimited Mauritius Unlimited Rs74,899 Rs808,909 Buy Now Buy Now

(All pricing includes VAT)

Feature Packed - All Inclusive

  • Data Stored in Mauritius
  • Web Management Panel
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Flexible Storage Upgrades
  • Incremental Backups
  • AES256 Encryption
  • Windows Desktop and Servers
  • Windows Laptops and Mac
  • Exchange & SharePoint
  • Linux, VMware, Hyper-V
  • Email Alerts and Reports
  • GDPR Compliant

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The care-free backup solution

The easiest, fastest and most secure data protection for all your devices.

Fully Encrypted Icon

Fully Encrypted

Storing your data securely is crucial; our backup system offers military-grade AES256 encryption. In addition, you manage your own encryption keys - which are not stored by us.

Backup and Recovery icon

Fast Backup & Recovery

Incremental backups save on cloud storage, bandwidth usage and time as only data that has changed is backed up. Data that is backed up is also compressed before being securely uploaded.

cPanel icon

Simple Installation & Management

Get anything done within a few clicks - create backup plans, monitor your current backup status, restore data or instantly send remote software updates to hundreds of devices.

Cross Platform integration

Cross-platform integration

Integrate with all operating systems and device types

  • All Virtual Platforms: Agentless, Agent & Host systems, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere.
  • All Applications: Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, Active Directory, Microsoft 365, G-Suite and OneDrive.
  • All Physical Platforms: Windows Server and popular Linux distributions.
  • All Devices: Desktops, Laptops, Virtual and Physical Servers.

Advanced Protection Available.

Optional add-on features built-in to keep your devices and data protected.

Shield icon

Prevent weaknesses with vulnerability assessment and patch management.

Server warning icon

Detect malware with real-time threat detection software.

Phone icon

AI-based hard disk drive monitoring and failure prediction.

computer shield icon

Auto-recover devices and install the latest agents remotely.

Got Questions? We have answers!

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about our Cloud Backup

We own and manage our entire infrastructure, hosted locally in Mauritius. Your backed up data never leaves the country.

Once you've signed up for your backup account you will receive login details for your management panel. You can then download our software agent to each device you want to back up and link it to your account. A "backup plan" is then created, giving you control and flexibility as to how often backups run. As an example, you could select every day at 17:00 or once a week, or twice a month etc.

You and only you can see your data. Before any data is uploaded from your device it is securely encrypted with your encryption key - which remains on your device only. In fact our backup system is so secure that if you lose your key, you lose access to your backed up data as the encryption key is under your control and thus impossible for us to recover.

Yes, you can browse all backed up data in your Management Panel. Please note however that you cannot share backed up data with others as it is fully encrypted and only available to your devices that are linked to your account and using the correct encryption key.

You can add as many devices as you like to your backup account. The only limit is the storage space of the plan you've signed up for.

Restoring a backup is easily done in your management panel - if you're restoring an "entire machine" backup we provide bootable media that you can use to restore your device exactly the way it was when it was backed up. Please note that you will need your encryption key when restoring your backup, otherwise the data is useless.

A faster internet connection will translate into a shorter backup time, although your first backup will take the longest as the entirety of the data you have selected needs to be uploaded first. Backups after that will only upload the changed data instead of everything - this is what is meant by incremental backups.

As an example, if your first backup is 50GB and took 2 hours to upload, and the next day 500MB of changed data needs to be uploaded, the incremental backup will take less than 2 minutes.

Your data retention period is entirely up to you. If you selected 5 days in your management panel you can restore any data that was backed up within that timeframe.

You can set your retention to anything from days to years.

Your management panel lets you decide which types of notifications you would like to receive. If you opt to receive a notification for every backup, you can specify if you would like to receive successful, failed or warning notifications (warnings are generally in the event of a missed backup run or low storage space).

To get an idea of the maximum storage you require, find out what the total size is of the folders you're planning on backing up. Keep in mind that your data is compressed before it is uploaded, so that resulting storage required would likely be less depending on the types of files included in your backup. If you end up requiring more space you can upgrade at any time.

No, your files will remain untouched and secure on our servers. Neither ransomware nor a virus has access to your backups that are stored with us. The only way that your backed up data can be accessed is via your management panel with your account credentials.

All our backup plans allow for "Unlimited Users" - this means that you could create a specific user for each backup plan/device - giving each user access to their own data. However, you may have a IT Administrator that looks after all your devices in which case, all devices can be registered to the same account - each with their own encryption key. No data can be accessed or restored without the encryption key or accessed by other users.

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